10 Things to Talk About With a Man You’re Attracted To



Meeting new people can be a nerve racking experience for many people, especially if attraction or romantic possibilities are added to the equation. Everyone has been in a situation where you want to get to know someone but might not be sure what to talk about. The most important thing to remember is that everyone, every single human on the planet, wants someone to make them feel special, so try to do that when talking to a man you’re attracted to. One other bit of important advice to keep in mind is that when talking to a man, don’t forget to let him get to know you too. Maintain a good balance of asking about him and adding information about yourself. Here are ten topics to bring up when talking to a man you find attractive:

1. His Work

Find out what he does for a living and be interested about it. Many men define themselves by their skills and work. Ask him what he does. Ask how long he’s done it. Ask what his ambitions are. Ask what his dream job would be. By asking about his work, he will feel flattered at your interest.

2. His Hobbies

Find out what he does in his spare time and you will find out what is most important to him. You’ll also be able to find out what you two may have in common or what new experiences he can open you up to.

3. His Goals

Ask him what his goals are, both short and long term. Men often times are very goal oriented, so find out what his dreams are. This is a good time to talk about yours too. Men want a partner who is trying to better themselves rather than remaining stagnant.

4. Music

It’s important to a lot of people that their partner has similar music taste. Find out his favorite genres and favorite bands. Ask him about concerts he’s been to and about concerts he’d like to go to. Share your own preferences and experiences. It’s okay to have a few disagreements here, especially if it leads to a healthy conversation about why you both love what you love.

5. His Family

Find out if he has siblings, if his grandparents are still alive, if he has children or nieces or nephews. Family is one of the most important things in anyone’s life, and finding out about his loved ones will give you some valuable insight about him as a person. Keep in mind, this topic of conversation is really only worth pursuing if he is a potential partner for a long term relationship.

6. Current Events

Be careful of this one as it can become a swift gateway to a conversation about politics, which might not be advisable when first getting to know someone as many people are very defensive of their opinions and this can lead to a debate. Read him carefully and go ahead if you feel like you can both disagree respectfully, or if you find you have similar opinions. Bringing up current events shows that you are well informed and can form your own independent thoughts, which is a huge turn on for most men.

7. Sports

Most men have something to say about sports, whether it’s their favorite team or if they play a sport themselves. Even if you’re not a sports fanatic, show him that you’re interested in his opinions. He’ll love talking about it. Be sure to share your side too!

8. Where He’s From

Find out if he’s a local or moved from somewhere else. What does he like about his hometown? What does he like about his current location (if different from his hometown)? Share your experiences too, so you can both learn from each other.

9. Who His Hero Is

This can be literal or figurative. Find out who is someone he looks up to and respects and why. This will tell you a lot about who he is as a person and what his values are. Think about this for yourself before hand too so you have a good answer ready.

10. Whatever He Wants to Talk About

Pay attention to the flow of conversation. Make sure you’re not just bombarding him with question after question like an interview. If there are things he brings up, be ready to just go with it. Add a comment or ask a question or give him your own view of things. Let him find out about you because he should be as interested in you as you are in him.

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