The menstrual cycle presents an important aspect of womanhood because of its relevance in procreation. However, if you are a woman below the menopause age of 45 and you are not ready for kids, then periods can be stressful. This is especially so for women with long and painful periods. Out of frustration, most women have been driven to try out ineffective and often counterproductive methods. If you are wondering how to shorten your period, here are 4 less intrusive methods than can be used by any woman naturally:


There is no short cut to exercise when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Exercise increases the rate of blood flow and this in turn speeds up physiological processes in the body. This means that when you exercise your discharge becomes increasingly lighter by the day and takes a shorter time. Furthermore, women who are constantly exercising are known to experience less painful discharge. Therefore, you should continue with your exercise schedule during your monthlies as a way of shortening the discharge.


Orgasms and sexual stimulation have been known to initiate labor pains in pregnant women through waves of contractions they cause in the uterus. Well, the same concept can be applied by women to shorten their periods. Whether you engage in sex or self stimulation, the key is achieving an orgasm which is the peak of contractions during sexual stimulation. This will in turn ensure that the discharge is not only lighter but sheds off much faster.


Healthy eating is a long term and sustainable method for shortening menses. The concept behind healthy eating is maintaining a healthy body weight. Overweight women are at a high risk of experiencing prolonged periods because of the additional fat cells in the body. Increased fat cells in the body is associated with increase in the hormone estrogen which modulates the menstrual cycle. Therefore, if you are overweight and is experiencing prolonged and painful menses the best remedy is to loose weight gradually through healthy eating.


Herbs are plants that grow naturally and some are used medicinally because they are considered less intrusive than conventional medication. Raspberry tea is a herb that has been in use for centuries during labor because it initiates more pronounced contractions. This leads to shortened and less painful labor process. The herb can also be used as a natural remedy to shorten periods and make them less painful. Chasteberry is also another herb that can be used to shorten menses by days. The herb does this by controlling the amount of the hormone prolactin which offsets the menstrual cycle. When using herbs it is important to take extra caution by consulting your physician first. This is because you might be allergic to some herbs or unaware of the correct amount to take.

For a woman, shortening periods can be the best solution to reducing the discomfort associated with menses. This is because getting rid of monthlies before menopause might be impossible. Natural remedies are often the best because they are less intrusive and do not overburden your system with chemicals. Therefore, the next time you think of how to shorten your period, ensure that you opt for natural ways.

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