5 must have items for your cat


To a lot of us, our cat is like our baby, and we want to provide the best life we can: comfortable beds, the best food, everything we can think of to provide a happy, comfortable life full of bliss. However, some things might not be as obvious to us as high quality food or a warm bed where they can rest, so in this article we are going to tell you about 5 must have items for your cat to impove their life.

Reward snacks

No matter the shape or size you choose, they are essential to train your cat: every time they behave, give them a little reward and they will turn in little angels in no time. Not only are this snacks created to be delicious and really appealing to cats, but they usually have side benefits for your little furry friend’s health and beauty, such as malt (helps prevent fur balls), fish oil (makes the fur luscious) or biotin (makes the fur grow faster). Go to your local pet store and start trying out different flavours to find out what your cat is into: mine absolutely adores shrimp.

Cat grass

No, we don’t mean catnip but dactylis glomerata, a type of plant that cats love to eat to keep their intestinal health in check ! Eating plants or salad every once in a while helps you kitty’s stomach and intestined be healthy and it helps prevent and eliminate fur balls !

Cat glove

For a beautiful coat and for hair ball prevention, it is crucial that you brush your cat every once in a while. While a lot of cats adore brushes, a lot of them don’t and this is why a cat deshedding glove is better than a brush to brush them and keep their coat healthy: they will think you are petting them so the brushing session will double as a cuddle session ! You can find here the best deshedding glove for cat.

Scratch post

You need to keep your furry friend’s nails in tip top shape and if possible, prevent them from turning your beautiful leather sofa into a sratched up mess. A scratch post is essential so they can help sharpen their nails and a lot of them come with little toys to help keep the cats entertained, so it’s a 2 for 1 !

Anti parasite treatment

A lot of people believe that since their cat lives indoors with no access to the outside is impossible for them to end up with fleas or ticks, but nothing’s further away from reality. Ticks and fleas are resourceful, resistant and can jump really high, so it is possible that your indoors kitty will end up catching them ! Even for indoor cats a collar, pipette or pills are crucial for a healthy, happy kitty.

And as a last warning, we would like to remind you to spay and neuter your cats: you never know when your kitty might run out and come back with a little surprise, so take precautions on their behalf since they can’t and your cat shall live a long, healthy, happy life !

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