How to avoid hemorrhoids?


According to various sources half of the adult population suffers from hemorrhoids, but you’ll also find the appearance of hemorrhoids younger, with soldiers, pregnant women and after pregnancy, drivers, those who suffer from chronic cough and constipation and more …

So what are hemorrhoids?   hemorrhoids

Were observed for the first time in ancient Greece, from the Greek meaning of the word hemorrhoid is located at the end of the rectum Dimom.hthurim which gathers waste in the food we eat before her release from the body. When hemorrhoids are formed essentially creates abnormal tissue of blood vessels which prevents rectal muscles along with the involuntary opening and closing of the anus when removing food waste from the body.

Types of hemorrhoids:

Internal hemorrhoids – this article will not comment on this issue.

External hemorrhoids: These are on the outside of the rectum and skin bumps visible -they appear outside the anus is .Other situations where a hemorrhoid or a few individuals without interruption but sometimes as a result of the effort of those inflatable Following constipation, cough and difficult exit.

How to detect if a person is suffering from hemorrhoids:

1.hosr comfortable and pain in performing simple activities such as sitting, driving, making consumers.

2.dimom rectum – a symptom that can indicate other diseases in the digestive system.

3 the appearance of lumps and bumps in the skin near the anus.

4 chronic constipation, cough adopted.

5.poor nutrition, weak immune system, which indicates a lack of bioflavonoids – see explanation later in this article.

External hemorrhoids solution is wide-ranging, from all kinds of drugs and preparations to act weary of patients suffer from a phenomenon repeated years.

Since the mid-nineties we have witnessed various media publications by researchers and doctors on health benefits of pomegranate (see my article on the subject of extensive health benefits of pomegranate).

Pomegranate peel contains a number of substances that can facilitate, assist, and to reject the use of conventional drug formulations and doing an analysis of those who suffer from hemorrhoids.

Pomegranate rind contains tannin and bioflunaids substances known as antioxidants

Tannin: This is a natural substance found in the skins of fruits such as pomegranate, black grapes, tea, etc. ..

This material particular hemorrhoid context is the ability to bind to proteins material skin tissue and thus shrink the blood vessels and actually shrink the hemorrhoids blood vessels created out and replaced them smaller.

Bifnulaids: These are a group of substances that give the characteristic red color peel fruits, vegetables and other ant aging food –  those that give pomegranate peel the white, which is in the grenade and separating partitions the pomegranate seeds the ability to protect the blood vessels, to maintain the integrity and flexibility and prevent blood vessels to leak and open.

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