What are the best work boots?


Your feet need to be protected accordingly. Remember, these are the parts of the body that carry your weight. They help you move around. At work, your feet might be at great risk and so having the best pair of working boots is one key consideration you should put in mind. The pair you need will be determined by several factors ranging from your feet size to the nature of your work. Protecting your feet is protecting your whole body and the points below will be helpful when choosing the best work boots you deserve. I have listed some of the best work boots in the market.

One of the brands that will catch your eye is Keen Utility. These boots, as the name goes are good for work because they offer both protection and convenience. This is because they are not as heavy as most of the work boots are. One of their products, Tacoma steel toe offers Protection by a steel lining, not over the entire surface of the boot but only the front part that covers the toes and the lining size decreases toward the small toe. This reduces their weight greatly and protects the toes which are arguably the weakest parts of the lower limb.

Second in my list of brands is Caterpillar. They provide quality Work Boots an example being the Men’s Second Shift ST Work Boot. These boots will surprise you by how comfortable you feel in them keeping in mind that they are steel shoes. Another thing that catches a person with interest in work boots is their leather material which obviously spells durability. This is a pair that won’t let you down if you go for looks and you will stay with them to the point of striking a bond

.Timberland is a brand you can sue me for not mentioning in this particular category. This is one brand which has been in the market for quite a long time now and many men will go for them. They rank high in terms of style and they will definitely offer protection to your feet and toes. An example is the waterproof 26078 Titan 6 which will last long even in cases of sustained use and harsh environment.Another brand you will definitely want to have on as you head to work is the Redwing. They have been producing shoes and their products were used in world war one and two. Isn’t that amazing? They design products that can provide utmost safety to the users with their thick soles making them good for work on rough surfaces. Perhaps you are wondering why Wolverine hasn’t been mentioned yet. I couldn’t leave it out of this, not if I am in my right senses. Comfortable is this brand’s second name. This is made possible by presence of pressure pads on the exterior and an insole gel inward. The boot is flexible and you will not have a break period of trying to fit in. It is as if custom made, it comes and you will feel it is yours from day one.

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