The best pampering after a hard days work

massage chair

massage chair

After a hard day’s work a massage sounds like a well deserved treat. Unfortunately, all of us are not blessed with siblings or spouses who are always willing to do us that favor. Plus we don’t have the time to visit the spa every now and then. Worry not, companies come with wonderful solutions. You can enjoy a full body massage right after work by simply sitting on chair. Yes, you read it right. While watching TV or while gobbling down bowl of cereal, you can enjoy a massage at the comfort of your home. The solution you ask? A MASSAGE CHAIR!
What a great massage chair should be able to do for you

By resting yourself on a massage chair, it should make you feel love and wanted. So comfortable that you just wouldn’t want to leave. It should:
• Keep you relaxed
• Make you fall asleep
• Leave you feeling energized
• Aid in relieving pain
• Let you stretch out and enjoy

Hot and new massage chair features:

Zero Gravity – this is the kind of feel you get when you are in space. It strives to achieve the feel of floating in space. What’s more relaxing then that? It lifts the pressure off you and helps you relax further
Heat function – this feature is highly liked in winter. It helps get rid of the cold feeling and brings you the ultimate warmth you require in such days.
Body scan – the chair has a feature that can scan the body and monitor the pressure points. It then focuses on the points and maximizes the massage over it.
Here are one of the best massage chairs you can choose from:

Inada Sogno Dreamwave

It provides the user with ultimate satisfaction. With 100 airbags, three years warranty, a full body massage; it seems like a must have chair. It has the ability to detect points and focus the massage over it. It is also capable to squeeze parts of the head, back, butt and calf muscles.

Osaki OS 4000 A 

This model comes with 32 airbags, 6 massage programs and has a wide range of colors from which you can select. It also has unique ability to roll, knead and provide a realistic massage that one would usually experience at a spa. It’s a solution for warm comfort.

Panasonic Urban 
This massage chair has an aluminum touch which gives it a modern look. Moreover, it has an element of vibration which helps in giving your body a good flow of blood and eliminating toxins from the blood. It has a massaging ability which provides relaxation for muscles and stresses on the pressure points.


I’m sure you are dying to get yours now. Happy relaxing!

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