Cats – the mysterious animals!


Cats are the good life artists, so it’s no wonder that many people adore the spoiled animal. How can you not admire such an individual animal, who always knows what he wants, willing to give love but not a sucker and requires consideration, sleeps most of the day and has a wonderful sense of identifying the most comfortable corners in the house? Although the cat is a domesticated animal, even the most pampered kittens have managed to maintain a hunting instinct and wild eye damage.

The house cat has lived alongside the human for nearly 10,000 years and its domestication process probably began in Egypt, where cats were considered saints and gods and buried alongside the Pharaohs. Later, cats have been used as a means of biological control by humans as skilled carnivores in capturing mice, rats, reptiles, poultry and other small animals. Today, cats are the most popular and widely used domestic animal in the world, and exist virtually everywhere, being an adaptive and resourceful animal.

Cats have many traits that make them popular. They are handsome and graceful; They love to pamper themselves, sleep and cuddle in great spot, but on the other hand, they are greedy and love to run and jump around the house; Although cats are sometimes considered interesting, many of them love their husbands and associate with them; And, no less important, they are easy to handle. A sandbox and dry or wet food is just about all it takes to raise a cat. The cat is also inherently clean and devotes every minute to combing and licking, which makes it easier to be at home.

Want to adopt cats?

It’s pretty simple. There are urban shelters and associations that collect street cats and cats that have been abandoned and allow anyone to come and adopt; There are people who breed purebred cats and sell them for thousands of shekels. And there are countless street cats yearning for a warm home. Of course, it is advisable to adopt a cat from a nonprofit, an urban shelter, or from the street, and not to fund the breeding cat industry, many of which have health problems that result from being associated with a limited genetic pool.

In summary, a cat is a wonderful, fun and comfortable pet to care for. But before you adopt a cat, make sure you are prepared for it mentally, family and financially. Too many cats are abandoned on the street every year by people who did not want to continue to care for them. Adopt a cat only if you are ready for it! Successfully!

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