How to cure Hemorrhoids


What are Hemorrhoids

Near the anus are venous blood vessels may swell in certain circumstances, to grow, to stretch out beyond the anus, bleeding and very painful – These are hemorrhoids. In short: varicose veins were full of blood that can be a difficult and painful nuisance.    Hemorrhoids so not go away on their own in most cases; They need a proper treatment, which if not applied, may cause the patient need of a surgery.How to cure Hemorrhoids

Classic symptoms: pain, itching, discomfort and burning in the anus. Bleeding can be seen after wiping or in the toilet after departure.

Medical professionals
Following a Conventional aspect it is desirable to see a doctor, proctologist or colorectal surgeon specializing in hemorrhoids,
Non-conventional aspect,There are many natural treatments to hemorrhoids, which are using nutrition and herbal medicine – which you can read below, and incorporate acupuncture and / or reflexology. A

Women suffer more …. Yes hemorrhoids. Reasons for this are in the pregnancy and birth.  In terms of age, do not believe you will find a lot of kids who have it, if at all. It is believed that, since the – 20 the incidence of hemorrhoids is increasing, especially in people with gastrointestinal problems and a tendency to constipation. It is estimated that 50% of people after the age of 50 suffer from hemorrhoids. Americans featured here too the statistics – you can clearly see, hemorrhoids very common in the modern world which penetrated the Western diet. Americans, and we are also starting, well represent the diet and lifestyle of the modern world.

If you go to the doctor yet for diagnosis, one or more of the following symptoms will tell you that it is time to suspect hemorrhoids:

Anal itching
Feeling of pain or itching while leaving
Sense of external vein up and felt out of the anus area

Bleeding during or after exit
True, examination by a doctor really is not sympathetic, but can perhaps take comfort in the fact that it is not painful. The importance of the test is greater because the symptoms in question need not be as hemorrhoids, and should rule out other things.

The doctor looks at the anus – external hemorrhoids can be seen. Internal hemorrhoids testing is done using a endoscope allows the doctor to look at what is happening a little deeper. Adjusted treatment after diagnosis.

If it is not hemorrhoids what could it be?
An example of the problems that are in the anal area hemorrhoids and may cause similar symptoms: fungus, infection, fistula or fissure.

Constipation – the first thing they say a person suffering from constipation it “is not a strong push services”. Departure time pressure can cause hemorrhoids due to increased abdominal pressure, which interferes with normal blood flow, increases the pressure in the veins and weakening the walls of blood vessels.

Pregnancy – Pregnant There is also the pressure of the uterus on the intra-abdominal region affects blood flow, and in many cases also have constipation – often a result of taking iron supplements – so, pregnancy is one of the classic situations hemorrhoids. Curing and treating hemorrhoids is not hard, but the first step is to acknowledge it.

Stress and pressure – Hemorrhoids can be the result of stress and pressure.

Lifting – overexertion, lifting weights – also in gyms, physical work involved lifting heavy loads can cause hemorrhoids prolapse.

Lack of exercise – Lack of movement and vigorous blood flow to all parts of the body and the periphery, increases the risk of hemorrhoids.

Problem of blood vessels – may cause interference with drainage of venous blood and increase the risk of hemorrhoids.

Element of heredity and age – with age, more likely hemorrhoids prolapse. The reasons may be weakness / loss of muscle tone and / or a tendency to constipation due to a change in the metabolism and / or use of drugs.

Overweight – Overweight people are more likely to suffer from hemorrhoids.

What types of hemorrhoids?
External Hemorrhoids – Hemorrhoids left out of the anus. Can be painful, burning and bleeding. You can feel them as they felt sort of bump and see them.

Internal hemorrhoids – In general, internal hemorrhoids are not inclined to hurt, but it still causes discomfort, bleeding and itching while leaving time and effort can make external hemorrhoids. If there is pain in the anus will not face.

Some states or stages in which hemorrhoids can come out when pressure or time out and then go back inside alone, there are situations that a person needs to help them return with pushing and inserted back in and there are situations where they are left out, no matter what, and go back inside.

How to cure Hemorrhoids  – Conventional treatments
Anesthetic / analgesic – pain killers or anesthetic ointment shaped candles. Creams work symptomatically and do not necessarily solve the problem. They work in three main areas:
1 anesthesia – local anesthesia of the place and it relieves pain. Ointment with material
Anesthetic can be used in limited time.
2 protective layer – creating a protective layer on the hemorrhoids, so excrement sliding past
And reduces irritation.
3 Archived materials – let’s shrink swollen hemorrhoids, skin healing and rehabilitation
Tissue, and thus achieved relief burning and itching.

The candles work just the same ways they are more suitable for internal hemorrhoids creams find it difficult to reach them.
Binding – a common treatment method, does not hurt, does not require anesthesia. Tie made ​​by rubber band inserted through the rectum using a. Band blocks the blood flow hemorrhoid, causing it to atrophy and fall out. This can take up to a week and a half, and there is a risk of infections or necrosis, especially if more tie one hemorrhoid at a time.

How to cure Hemorrhoids – the medical way

Electrotherapy – ECT – Heat and burning the hemorrhoids with an electric current.
Sclerotherapy – Trasha – Whore injected around boulders chemical decay.
Laser – Using a laser / infrared beam to burn the hemorrhoids. This method is not good enough for severe hemorrhoids.
Hemorrhoidectomy – surgical removal of hemorrhoids. This brief analysis, about 30 minutes, half an anesthetic binding or general body. It is a painful surgery and complications are, among other things, infection, bleeding can also drain into the intestine, pelvic infection, urinary retention, and often should take sphincter damage that can cause incontinence.
Doppler device therapy – using sound waves and light device can detect the blood vessels leading to hemorrhoids. After identification of the surgeon sews and clamp them that will create blockage and blood can not reach and enter the hemorrhoid.

How to cure Hemorrhoids  – Natural treatment
True, prevention is always preferable! Naturopathic medicine is primarily preventive medicine.
If your job involves hours of sitting long, for example, in the office or while driving, if you know of a situation coming up where you will have easy access to the bathroom neat and tidy – a situation drags incontinence and constipation, if there is constipation or a tendency that, if there is an element of pressure, dietary indiscretions, excess planned pregnancy weight or prophylaxis started.

Existing hemorrhoids treatment is intended to bring relief, reduce swelling, congestion, hemorrhage and pain, strengthen blood vessels and shrink them to return to their original size and the natural and proper place.

· Changing diets and strict eating times
· Avoid foods that weaken the body such as sugars
· Avoid fried and fatty foods
· Garlic and onions help blood flow as well as rosemary, black pepper and ginger.
· Consume orange – carrots, pumpkin, squash, sweet potatoes – help in rebuilding and healing the mucous membranes and tissues, contain anti-oxidants and many fibers, and according to the Torah at Sinai, they strengthen the spleen – as vital as the role of the spleen, among others, is to hold the organs in place and prevent the Tznihtm.
· Avoid spicy foods
· Take care to avoid constipation during exit pressure may cause swelling of blood vessels in the anal area, and also to prevent hard stools that may injure the skin and mucosal area around the anus and cause a fissure – a crack in the same area, which may become infected and inflamed. Tip: If you do not have the problem of high blood sugar, you will find eating beets with freshly squeezed lemon juice as part of the treatment of constipation.
· Drink 8-12 glasses of water a day – help soften the ports and leave no pain relief and effort.
· Increase in dietary fiber found in whole foods, fruits and vegetables on their shells, oatmeal, green leafy vegetables, and more. The fibers are known to absorb fluids and their cleverness that they contribute to softer stool, a volume which will prevent optimal effort during exit.
· Eating colorful fruits and vegetables that contain flavonoids. As the fruit is more intense in color, so it contains more flavonoids. Related flavonoids that color fruits and vegetables and have many features, such as anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, are very important to protect and strengthen blood vessels and help the absorption of vitamin C which is essential for building collagen and improving the elasticity of blood vessels. Fruits and vegetables should be eaten fresh as the heating or cooking destroys the flavonoids they contain. Tip: the fruits are known to strengthen blood vessels include cherries, blueberries and berries.

Herbal treatment of hemorrhoids are usually plants that contain astringents such as tannins, protecting plants and strengthen blood vessels, relaxing the area and reduce hemorrhoidal pain and itching. Custom formula for each person individually customized confection.

An example of part of the plants natural treatment for hemorrhoids:

· Plant Hhmmlis – Hamamelis virginiana – Many studies have shown the powerful trait vascular contraction. Is a feature Astrig’ntit, ie collapsed, creating a protective layer and helps improve the healing of tissue. Lhmmlis also feature an anti-inflammatory and reduces pain. Used internally in the form of a concentrated extract of the plant, and the use of external compression (compress) or ointment.
· Plant flowers chamomile – Matricaria recutita / camomilla – with a feature that helps relaxing and calming treatment hemorrhoids. Concentrated conclusion of its internal use of the plant or in the form of Herbal Tea from the flowers, and ointment for external use, a patch or in the bath area.
· Marigold / Calendula – Calendula officinalis – Calendula is Astrig’ntit, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, calming and reduces pain.
· Aloe Vera – Aloe vera – to soothe the anal area, aid in healing and calming the itching.
· Pomegranate – Punica granatum – has always been known for many qualities, its bark contains a lot of tannins knotted tissue and end up healing. The fruit is rich in flavonoids are important for maintaining and strengthening blood vessels Horidiim.
· Psyllium – Plantago – a huge water absorbs, which increases the volume of the stool and causes it to put pressure on the colon and thereby increase its peristalsis – effective prevention / treatment of constipation. Stick significantly during bleeding hemorrhoids.
· Horse Chestnut – Aesculus Hippocastanum – Horschestnut – intended to treat hemorrhoids is working on the connective tissue of the blood vessels, increasing tone and reducing fragility.

I used to make use of a few plants, but to integrate them into the formula will enhance and complement each other. The plants are part of a complete treatment.

Lack of physical activity contributes to the formation or worsening of hemorrhoids. Exercise brings streaming blood to all parts of the body, improving blood circulation and help regulate digestive system. Thus, physical activity contributes to the prevention / treatment of hemorrhoids

Changing Habits
· There is a good reason we were told as children “do not resist” … when you have to go immediately to evacuate, do not wait or not wait for a second if it’s up to you. Restraint can lead to constipation.
· If you have developed a habit to sit down and hold in the bathroom and engage in while reading, you may want to shorten the time spent sitting there.
· It is strongly recommended to keep in the bathroom over the toilet paper dispenser, too – better unscented, and would be nice if they contain aloe and chamomile, maintaining hygiene after leaving.
· Some people who use the bidet, and use it to wash the area with soap and water – preferably chamomile, after leaving to keep clean and avoid the risk of infection.
· If health is important to you, it is highly desirable not to use various laxatives stimulate the anal area runs frequent services.

Body – mind
Relaxation, release, breathing and guided imagery are wonderful muscle relaxation techniques, dealing with stress and treatment of constipation, which causes hemorrhoids. It is strongly recommended to perform breathing exercises and relaxation at least once a day.

According to some holistic approaches, constipation perceived mentally – emotionally ‘the protection of the stomach “- literally and figuratively. Body Medicine – gives people an excellent response to these cases.

What else?
Other treatments recommended to combine with naturopathy condition of hemorrhoids:
Reflexology, acupuncture, EFT, homotoxicology – I makes extensive use and its great advantage, among others, is the ability to attend to pregnant women.