Dealing with lack of confidence in your relatioship

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He/She is not attracted to me anymore.

Most people were at one end or the other end of this scenario; Or those who made sure we were or we were those that we have caused concern. Chances are we’ve experienced at any stage in our lives the two experiences. Uncertainty relations can be toxic to connect and navigate the destructive places. Sources of insecurity are among us, and the other is the opportune feeling.

Not surprisingly, studies reveal that people who suffer from lack of confidence and low self-esteem, less experience loving relationships. These people expect that the partner will see them in a more favorable light than they see themselves. However, in moments of self-doubt, a positive statement of the spouse does not make them greater security. They reveal doubt and suspicion in relation to those statements. This behavior alienates partner relationships and makes a prophecy to fulfill itself. This internal struggle is not necessarily linked to external circumstances. But myself to production “of doubt and lack of basic security. Therefore, it is important not to drag your spouse incessant internal Lkonfliktiim. But do not just make possible. To deal with this issue it is necessary to expose the roots of insecurity and dealing with “domestic terrorist” in our relationships.

What is the underlying lack of confidence?

Precipitation relationships raise the distant and recent past, they make us vulnerable. Style engagement with the significant figures in our lives, has a critical effect dictating relationships, behaviors, reactions, emotions, mate choice and dynamics to manage the relationship. Secure attachment style (I’ve written about it before), helps a person to stay in a good place and in a relationship that allows the development of each partner. However, anxious attachment style or dependent, where the person feels insecure in relation to the spouse, is a space that reduces the development of the relationship and at times completely strangles him. Therefore, it is important to learn and to know what is the style of your engagement. This will help in selecting a suitable partner, creating a safe and healthy relationship which eventually may lead to improved attachment style. Style is important to the attention of the engagement to realize that we are driven past and it affects relationships in the present.

Typically, insecurity due to internal critical voice of which have been internalized during childhood. Parents have a large impact on shaping their children’s attachment style. There is a way in which the internalization of the parent saw us and internalization becomes an integrated part of ourselves – that we become a vicious critic or the great lover of ourselves.

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