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dog food

Today there are kinds of dog foods on store shelves food to live. In order not to get lost in the products offered by the dogs Foods Market today, we have gathered a few important tips just before purchase, in order for it to be effective, correct and a little less expensive. Over the years, has become a complex purchase dog food ever.

First, check the labels on the back of the packaging of dog food that you wish to purchase. It is very important to check those type of dog food is designed like puppies, elderly dogs with medical problems, and the like. Of course, check whether the food is any dog ​​or cat that is. Today, every pet shop respects itself has all kinds of foods for dogs and cats alike, when almost all the companies that produce the foods for dogs also produce food for cats.

After checking the label and animal association has examined the nutritional value of food components. It is important to be a staple food that contains meat plus additions of fiber and carbohydrates. Premium dog food contains ingredients from better, if that price often even more expensive. Pet shop cessation of dog and cat food also can be found in medical foods. These foods are customized for each dog by a veterinarian often. Note that if you run worry about your dog or your cat, your veterinarian check before facing a medical food which can take accurate and what is not. Not all types of medical foods are good for any dog ​​or cat.

Third, you may want to go with special dog food for allergies.  This is an amazing healthy food, which has been added special ingredients, such as protein and vitamins, to keep the dog healthy and prevent allergies. Although this dog food is more expensive that the usual one; it is far better for the long term, for the health of your dog.

Calculate the cost to the daily feeding is done by dividing the weight of a sack number of grams of recommended daily ration. Using this calculation are given the number of days of feeding bag. By this method can be compared with foods after allowing you the ability to decide whether both financially lucrative for you or whether you can buy the product. The most important test is not fake food and always search for an address and a phone on the back of the product packaging

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