Did you even hear of an inversion chair?

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An inversion chair is an uniquely designed chair that may be used for a couple of reasons and mostly play a major role in improving the spinal cord. Mostly, it is used when undergoing an inversion therapy. This involves being in a position where ones head comes lower than the heart or ones feet come above the head. In short, it involves being upside down or even being inverted for therapeutic benefits. It is beneficial and it is a medically proven mean of decompressing the spine hence being a mode of spinal traction. This article aims at describing its importance on a brief and precise manner and also importantly listing down some of the best brands of inversion chairs in the market.

Importance of using an inversion chair

Inversion chairs are of great benefit to the people with knee and lower limb issues. The reason why they are also recommended to the elderly people is because they don’t have to hang on their ankles while using this chair. One can improve his/her body even while sitting down when undertaking inversion therapy sessions. It is proven that by using the inversion chair, digestion process is improved and it also enhance the workability of lymphatic system.

This chair helps treat problems related with respiratory system as it enhances breathing and improve lung functioning. It also boost circulatory system through improving blood circulation and heart functioning. Physical importance include making one flexible and curing joint pain. Gaining and even regaining of weight is also enhanced after an inversion therapy. It reduce fatigue and feeling haggard. Better thinking and being alert is also enhanced.There are several types of the inversion chairs.

1) Health Mark IV This has a non-slip feet supporter and an easy to adjust angle belt. It is very stable having a 300lb weight holding capacity. It is simple to assemble and has an adjustable back rest hence comfortable. Constructed with steel, it is very strong and durable. Its finish is powder coated and in spite of its easy to adjust seat and angle belt,it can rotate up to 71�. It is affordable ranging from $349.00.

2) Stamina Inline Stamina Inline can convert into a table as one is being inverted explaining why it is comfortable. It is easy to assemble and is not only strong but also durable. While using it, ankles are held firmly by its system that lock legs. It can hold up to 250 kg being made of steel. It has a low center of gravity making it more stable. Its price is pocket friendly as it costs $299.99

3) Body Power This type is very recommendable and has been rated up to 4.3 stars by customers. It contains a Dexule foam padding and a safety bar for protection. For easy storage it can be folded. It can hold up to 300 kg having a heavy duty construction. It is easy to clean as one has only to wipe it with a damp cloth after each session. It kills every kind of back pain not forgetting the fact that it alleviates stress. It is affordable. Using an inversion chair may be the cure to joint problems experienced by many people. It is therefore advisable to give inversion therapy a try for the best results.

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