How to get rid of constipation fast

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Elimination of toxins is one of the greatest known ways of keeping the body healthy and functional. Body processes that eliminate these toxins as well as products that are no longer useful to the body include sweating, urinating as well as excretion. One problem that is however rampant with many people is constipation and the main reason for this is the consumption of refined foods and drinks that have numerous chemicals and little or no fibre which is responsible for making bowel movement smooth. Well if you are suffering and would like a quick reprieve, here is how to get rid of constipation fast.

• First and most obvious take a lot of warm water from start of day and keep it up all day long. This helps in digestion and makes the stool soft and easy to come out. It also flashes other toxins that may be responsible for the constipation bout.

• Consume a lot of vegetables and fruits as well as fresh fruit and vegetable juices. One can never consume enough of these so knock yourself out. Veggies and fruits increase the levels of fibre which remains in the colon and absorbs water to soften the stool. One can also get fibre from legumes which are whole.

• If the constipation is chronic take laxatives and use lots of water. laxatives operate differently i.e. osmotic laxatives stimulate digestion muscles and aid in fluid flow while saline laxatives enable stool to be passed more quickly by absorbing water into the colon. However don’t make a habit of taking laxatives often as they make the bowel muscles lazy.

• Exercise is a cure for almost everything and in this case it moves and stimulates your muscles i.e. the digestion ones and help them perform more effectively. Also do squats as this target the bowel region and replicates the natural position used when passing stool.

• Take prunes or prune juice. This is among the age old cures of constipation as they have extremely high levels of fibre and sorbitol a carbohydrate that softens stool by drawing lots of water all along the digestion tract. Once you drink some, give it some time before consuming more otherwise you might end up having diarrhea as it works really fast.

• Drink a spoonful of Aloe Vera gel mixed with fruit juice and ensure the gel is pure and doesn’t have lots of fillers that may make it work slower. You can also drink baking soda mixed with a little warm water to relieve constipation. Another way to achieve the same is to take Epsom salt mixed with water or juice. Epsom salt contains magnesium which helps in contraction of bowel muscles. Aloe Vera is an excellent remedy for hemorrhoids.

• Molasses contain minerals and vitamins and especially magnesium in it is key in eradication of constipation. The good thing about molasses is that they are sweet so relieving constipation doesn’t have to be all bitter and sour.

• Lastly but not least, take a spoonful of olive oil mixed with lemon juice in the morning before you eat or when you are hungry. The oil cranks up the digestive system and will actually keep constipation away if taken often.

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