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In 1971 he discovered Professor O’Keefe, a neuroscientist at Dartmouth College in London University, the first component of this positioning system. He found that kind of nerve cells in the brain called the hippocampus were activated in rats when they were in a certain place in the room, as opposed to other cells when the rats were operated elsewhere. O’Keefe concluded that “location cells” was creating a map of the area where they were staying.

More than three decades later, in 2005, Maj-Britt professors and Edward odd couple brain researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, have identified a key component of the positioning system of the brain. Edward worked as a research fellow at the time of O’Keeffe, and the couple continued their research in Norway. In their study, they identified another type of cell neurons, called “grid cells” and create a coordinate system that enables precise spatial orientation. Read More here.

Because it affects the nervous system such as heroin or opium, some users consume one type of painkiller oxycodone, OxyContin, or as a substitute for opiates (tranquilizers) such as street heroin.

Armed robbery of pharmacies occurred when the robber demanded only OxyContin, not cash. In some areas, particularly in the eastern United States, OxyContin was most worried about drug law enforcement authorities. Read more about hydrocodone or oxycodone here or you can read this excellent article.

stem cell therapy improved mobility January this year, an FDA approved test to Geron stem cell therapy offered by the University of California. The treatment included embryonic stem cell transplants for people with spinal injury Hsdra.bauth collection period, the experiment was not approved cervical injuries because until then, did not complete the trial phase in mice with a neck injury.

Results of recently published studies on cervical Stem Cells. Results showed that mice with a neck injury treated by stem cells, have shown tremendous recovery of mobility.

Are you contemplating whether to go to the pool or the beach? New research published in recent days, states that contact with the pool water with chlorine and especially within which may increase susceptibility to disease, causing coughing and raise body temperature.  Its can also cause hemorrhoids, read
more here.

The study, the environment and health center in Germany and published in the Journal of the Center, shows that exposure to chlorine and other materials that are likely to harm the health pools, bringing higher sensitivity, high heat, and even increase the risk of getting asthma in children.
High risk of heat


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