How to find the best man for you?


If you find yourself looking in the mirror and ask yourself: “How the hell am still alone”?
“How can a man like me, that looks pretty good, educated, tractable, how precisely I’m alone”?
So it’s time to ask yourself the right questions.

We’ve all seen too many Hollywood-style movies, and even I admit reading romance novels occasionally for comic relief (do not tell anyone?).
Where everything happens naturally, in a flash of a moment, she sees him, he looks straight into her eyes – and ignites the fire of love … and they live happily ever after ..
Movies things happen on their own, your reality, you should make sure things happen.
The first question you should ask yourself is – what I want, exactly?
What connection I want and what I choose to put a man into my life?

After focuses Did you get yourself what is really important to you and what you are not willing to compromise, you have to ask yourself, and answer honestly, what I do to this man will come into my life? I put some efforts in this direction?

I have a friend getting married in a month, before she met her husband, she had longed to connect, relationship. But wishes are one thing and actions are another, she would come home from work every day at six o’clock, all tired and sleepy, eat something and thrown in front of the TV until I fell asleep …
So for her she knew a man she wants, even knew he should be 178 cm (and have a cute tush – of course) and have a pleasant, thoughtful and intelligent, but she did not give this man an opportunity to come across it.

At one point she realized she would have to work a little harder, she began registering to dating sites, went to clubs and parties not rejected matchmaking friends offered her.
Less than a month from the moment she took hold of herself met her future husband, perfectly matched to its desires.
This question, what am I willing to do to get to know more than men, she said aims to create opportunities, you can be the most amazing woman on earth, but no man knows it.
Creating opportunities through social networking websites, entertainment, classes and even day to day, on your way to the supermarket, or hold a garage.
Once you have created opportunities, you have to be brave enough to take advantage of these opportunities elegantly.
Utilizing this opportunity to know how to charm him on a blind date, it started to talk to him about something, when you are waiting somewhere, this flirtatious eye contact, to make him understand that you want and more.

Believe me, most men need permits to access, they fear rejection, you have the power, at a glance, a smile, a gentle flirtation, indicate to him that the matter, and thus begin to exploit the opportunities created.

This way is not always easy and sometimes we need someone we kick butt, wake us reverie and reality can be even more sweet.
Someone will give us motivation beyond techniques, advice and tips, teach us to become more familiar with men and the way they think, anyone would be happy with us when we achieve our goals.
We’re here for you.

It would be awesome to get love messages every morning, have someone to hug you when you are feeling lonely, be with you together. But it is not easy. Finding a lover is especially as anything else in life: Its hard work. And you have to make compromises during the way. Hope you enjoyed my article!

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