how long does a brazilian wax last?



Many people get uncomfortable in a way when the name ‘Brazilian Wax’ is mentions. There are a couple of reasons that’s make people feel this way with the biggest being Pain associated. The other would definitely be the exposure of one’s genitals to a total stranger. Perhaps it is a little better understanding the real meaning of these words.

A Brazilian wax is a process of using heated wax to get rid of all pubic hair leaving a clean surface. This process is much different to French Wax and Bikini wax. It is a great alternative compared to shaving of pubic hair. Many first timers to Brazilian waxing have a common question in their heads, “how long does a Brazilian waxing last?” the truth is it normally depends with one’s pubic hair growth rate but there are other factors that might influence how long does a Brazilian wax last:

First times may be short

Women who have Brazilian waxing done on them on a regularly basis experience a good period of 2-3 weeks without the tiniest sign of hair growing back. The area can stay really smooth for almost 6 weeks. However, the case is different with first timers or those who haven’t had one in a while. Hair normally starts to appear within a short period of 8 days. Nevertheless, as a person continues with the process, Brazilian wax last longer.

The more the longer

The more hair is pulled back off your follicles the longer they take to regenerate hair. Some women get lucky to stop hair from growing .back after a few rounds of waxing while for others, it grows back but in lesser amount than before and takes longer to grow.

The esthetician Technique

Like good saloonists, some estheticians seem to be talented in pulling out the hair the right way. Hair pulled from down the skin takes longer than one that is left with hair roots.

Soft vs. Hard Wax

Many people prefer hard wax over soft wax because the pain tends to be less when the hair is being ripped off by the esthetician. The disadvantage with hard works is that it doesn’t pull the hair from the root but breaks it during the ripping process. For those who have the will to sustain a bit more pain, soft wax is the best choice.

Food and Temperature

It is a proven fact that hair in private areas of our body grows much faster in hot weather conditions than cold ones. It is advisable to have Brazilian waxing done on you time to time during the summer period, especially from outdoor lovers. Foods that are high in Omega-3 also make hair grow back faster. It is advisable to watch what you eat if you don’t plan to have a Brazilian waxing soon.


Age is a big factor in waxing. The older the lady the less the growth rate. Younger women’s pubic hair will grow back faster than older ones.

Moreover, the question of pain, this varies among women. Some find the process to be nothing more than a discomfort while others find it to be really painful

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