The cycles of the monthly period


The body is preparing itself for pregnancy every month of the cycle.
There ovarian cycle and uterine cycle occurring simultaneously and at turn (when there was no pregnancy) appears menstrual flow comes in every 28 days, with 14 days before the onset of menstrual flow “window of opportunity” for the occurrence of pregnancy.

Ovarian cycle:

When talking about the ovarian cycle phase in which the intention is formed follicle, these cells create a cluster as-ball-shaped and contain egg, the ovary, the follicle begins to develop and secretes the female hormone estrogen. In addition, secreted from the pituitary hormone LH and its level reaches about 14-day cycle, in terms of threading it should start signal, from the moment the blood concentration of the LH peak, while just 12 hours! Which will be reflected ovulation usually one egg, immature, that deviates from the ovarian follicle, go out and by the trumpet.

The egg enters the fallopian tube. The initial encounter between the sperm to the egg usually occurs trumpet, where, if there was fertilization, are united into the one-”zygote” which will travel to the uterus (if there has been fertilized, the egg will travel alone to the uterus).

After ovulation, the follicle without oocyte becomes the “corpus luteum” which secretes two hormones: estrogen and progesterone.
If there is no pregnancy, corpus luteum degenerates, hormone secretion above Discontinued, fall off and endometrial menstrual bleeding appears. This may cause the monthly period to be shorter than usual or to stop completely.

Uterine cycle:

At the same time the ovarian cycle, during oocyte maturation in the ovary, changes occur in the uterus, in order to absorb the fetus, if fertilization occurs.
As noted above, at the beginning of the ovarian cycle, the follicle is formed which starts to secrete estrogen. After ovulation, the follicle becomes the “corpus luteum” and continues to secrete estrogen.As a result of secretion of estrogen, the endometrium spongy layer becomes rich in blood vessels

This stage is called “Stage provision” and occurs from ovulation to the end of the cycle.
There are many factors that interfere with the process above and bring fertility problems and difficulties getting pregnant.

Preparing the body for pregnancy:

Pregnancy is a good time to prepare the body and bring it to an optimal state.
Proper nutrition and avoiding harmful foods, chemicals, drugs, smoking and alcohol, help maintain healthy mother and fetus, it will prevent abnormal weight and reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia, diabetes and more.
Important general blood tests and a complete lack Tzontiim.cmo addition, pregnancy should be taken at 400 micrograms of folic acid (and during the first trimester of pregnancy and the other).

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