What is a recumbent bike and what are the benefits of recumbent bikes ?

recumbent exercise bikes

What is a recumbent bike?

A bike in which there is a laid-back reclining position is termed as a recumbent bike. Ridding a recumbent bike is fun. In simple bikes, the weight stress of a person comes upon the hands, the feet, and the sit bones but in recumbent bike reduces the weight stress that is faced during using traditional bikes. Recumbent bikes divide/spread rider’s weight to a larger surface area that contacts with a bike.

Recumbent bikes are widely used for fitness purposes in fitness clubs and gyms. In gym and fitness clubs recumbent bikes are used to warm up the body before starting exercises. The recumbent bikes are very popular because of the design and health benefits. It is easy to get a recumbent bike and you can buy these bikes online.

There is a range of Recumbent Designs available in the market because of their popularity. There are different recumbent design in the market which type you choose, is up to you. You can choose from three standard designs:

· Short Wheelbase
· Long Wheelbase
· Tricycles

Tricycles are not included in bicycles but the recumbent bikes are considered as bikes.

What are the benefits of a recumbent bike?

If you talk about health benefits recumbent bikes are very beneficial for health and fitness purposes.

There is a wide range of benefits of recumbent bikes.

· Recumbent bikes can help up to reduce the chances of diabetes (type-2).
· It improves the functionality of lungs and better breathing.
· It can be used for warm-up before starting exercises
· It can help to reduce extra fats
· Recumbent bike strengths your muscles, for instance, lower legs, thighs and gluteus muscles.
· It’s comfortable, easy to use and won’t let you feel tired early.
· Helps you increase your workout duration. The more workouts you do the healthier you get.
· Good for the people having battling joints and health issues.
· The recumbent bike saves you from major injuries caused by the use of upright bikes.
· Use of recumbent bike makes you physically and mentally strong. You remain active throughout the day.

What are the top brands?

Here are the best models of recumbent bike brands for 2018:


Schwinn is a 100 years old brand in the fitness industry. You can found Schwinn’s bike in every fitness center or health club. Schwinn is a leading company in the industry. This company has a huge volume of customers. They help you to achieve your fitness and health goals by their bicycles and is trusted by a wide range of customers.


ProForm is one of the most recommended brands in the market. It is also used widely by the fitness centers and gym. The bikes
manufactured by ProForm have games and the iFit Workout Card Port in their bikes.

Sole Fitness:

Sole Fitness is a decade old manufacturing company. It is one of the well-known recumbent bike brands. They manufacture quality recumbent bikes. The brand recumbent bikes are used in world’s high rated hotels. This brand is recommended due to the quality.

Stamina Fitness:

Stamina Fitness was built back in 1987. It is one of the best-rated manufacturing companies that manufacture best quality recumbent bikes. Stamina Fitness is getting popularity among the best recumbent bike manufacturing brand.

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