A Look At Rogaine For Women And Side Effects


What is Rogaine for women? 

Rogaine for women is a topical hair growth treatment used to slow or stop hair loss and hair thinning. Further research indicates it could stimulate hair regrowth as well in 60% of the cases. Typically, it has to be used for around 3 to 6 months for it to succeed in stopping hair loss. It is available over the counter and has been especially formulated for women.

How does Rogaine for women work? 

Minoxidil is the active ingredient present in Rogaine for women. Initially, this ingredient was used as an anti-hypertensive drug which means it was used only as a treatment method for high blood pressure as it helps widen the blood vessels for the smooth flow of blood. Researchers aren’t particularly able to explain its exact mechanism on the scalp but believe that it lengthens the duration of hair around its follicle.

It is also said to widen the follicle size on the scalp, enabling the growth of thicker and stronger hair. It is also important to point out that it is not a hormone and comes in the form of “foam”. As opposed to the version men use, Rogaine for women is applied on the hair once in a day. The foam comes into reaction with the body heat and accumulates on the scalp’s surface area.

How to use Rogaine for Women? 

As already indicated, Rogaine for women is recommended for use once in day, morning or evening. The preferential mode of application is on dry scalp or damp hair as opposed to wet. You will need to part your hair into two through the middle and then rinse your hands with cold water and dry it. it may cause some pain in the left side but in rare cases.

Pump half a cap full of Rogaine into a small bowl. Pick the area on your scalp where you experience hair thinning and loss and apply it with your hands. Massage it carefully into your hair in a circular motion.

For it to be fully effective, it needs to get into your scalp, not remain on the hair. Let it dry and avoid getting drenched in rain, going for a swim or engaging in any activity that could stimulate scalp perspiration. Do not panic if you notice a considerable increase in hair fall or hair thinning for the first two weeks after you begin to use the product as this is a common phenomenon because old hair is pushed out of the existing follicles so that new hair can grow thicker and stronger. Once you are past this stage, the treatment should begin achieving the intended purpose.

Possible Side effects of Rogaine for Women: 

It is believed that the active ingredient, minoxidil, increases the effects of a pro- inflammatory free radical known as nitric oxide into the scalp. This increase in Nitric oxide can cause death of cells, thus causing irritation, rashes, headache, muscle pain and other dermatological side effects common especially among sensitive skin type-users.

While the above side effects may be relatively easy to manage, there could be more severe ones if no immediate intervention is taken. These would include low/high blood pressure as it is actually an anti-hypertensive drug as well. This in turn could cause more complications such as angina, rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath.

To state the obvious, anyone interested in trying Rogaine for Women should consult a doctor for initial advice before opting for this hair loss treatment. Going by all the possible side effects, it goes without saying that you must avoid this treatment if you are pregnant, have blood pressure issues, are under 18 years of age or your scalp has sunburns and irritations.

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