What are rowing machines and why are they essential to your health



Tired of the treadmill or weight lifts? Why not try something more challenging – rowing workouts. I bet you are asking yourself, is it worth it? Well, yes it is!

A rowing machine is a workout machine, which simulates the action of open water rowing. Also referred to as the indoor rower or water rower, the rowing machine provides one of the best exercises for cardio and strength. The rowing machine is known for engaging a full body-cardio experience, from the legs, back, core to the arms, and the benefits of the exercise are yours for the taking, regardless of your age, sex or physical ability.

A rowing machine simulates sculling on water which uses oars to propel the boat. But in this case, you pull the handle and slide back in the seat. The harder you pull, the greater the resistance generated and the harder you must work to strengthen your muscles.

The best part is that it has come to be regarded as a sport. Common people who do rowing workouts on the rowing machine are called indoor rowers, or ergo-meters by other rowers. An ergo-meter is also a device used to measure muscle power. Indoor rowing is a strength-endurance sport.

One of the top manufacturers of the rowing machine is WaterRower Inc. selling under the brand name Indo-Row. Examples of top brands of rowing machines are: The Concept2 Model D with a PM5 monitor which provides data information of your workout, The WaterRower Rowing Machine with a water flywheel and a tank of water which mimics actual rowing in water and also The Velocity Exercise Rower which utilizes magnetic resistance. Be it hydraulic, air, water or magnetic resistance, the rowing machine provides one of the best fitness techniques not only for your body muscles but also heart and mind.

The gym equipment is part of a circuit training since its advised to workout in intervals and drills. A small stationary equipment, but very engaging for toning the body and achieving physical maximum fitness. You can choose to buy it online for an affordable price or try as much as possible to use it next time you go to the gym.

Call it the gym monster, but without a doubt, the rowing machine provides a perfect workout program that will boost your health and fitness dramatically. Don’t be intimidated. Learn how to look like a pro on the rowing machine, just the same way you pedal on your bicycle.