The Best Rowing machines

best rowing machines

best rowing machines

One of the most popular aerobic exercises is the use of a rowing machine in the home. The difficulty for the health conscious consumer is identifying which rowing machine is suitable for their unique needs, as well as which machine provides the best value for money. In this article we look at some rowing machine reviews that will give those who want to take advantage of the latest in rowing technology.

One of the best rated companies that manufacture rowing machines is Concept 2. They offer a wide variety of different machines at various price points, so the consumer can usually find something that suits their exercise requirements, space available and their pocketbooks. One of the most popular is the Concept 2 Model D, which is reasonably priced and according to many experts mimics the actual real world rowing experience remarkably well. The company also manufactures the Model E which features a monitor which enables the user to obtain feedback on their exercise session.

One of the most aesthetically pleasing rowing machines is marketed by a company called Waterrower. Made from Ash, Oak or Cherrywood these rowers are pieces of equipment that you don’t want to hide from the eyes of guests – you want them to be the centre of attention. The Waterrower rowing machines actually feature a container of water as an integral part of their functioning mechanism. Many users believe that the sound of the water transports then to the riverside and provides a much more relaxing workout session. The water filled flywheel of the Waterrower means that it can be stored upright with the flywheel weight ensuring that it will not tip over. The company offers three different models at various price points.

Coming in at a lower price point than the above two machines is the Velocity Fitness CHR-2001, which in the minds of many reviewers offers exceptional value for money for a home rowing machine. This is a sleek and well-engineered unit that is able to supply years of rowing action. The key to the success of this rowing machine and what sets it apart from other rowing machines is that it uses magnetic resistance in order to deliver a workout. It also is programmable which means that it can provide a variety of workout experiences. This makes this rower ideal for the family where several members are interested in enjoying the health and fitness benefits of a rowing machine. The resistance level of the rowing machine can be set to suit each member of the family which means that the versatility of this rowing machine represents a great investment.

The above three rowing machines are amongst the most popular on the market today and each of them has both pros and cons for those interested in enjoying a good workout in the comfort of their own home. Consumers wishing to purchase a rowing machine would probably be best served by taking a short term contract at the local gym and trying out a rowing machine prior to purchase in order to judge whether or not this form of aerobic exercise suits them and their individual lifestyles.