Loneliness in the social network times



When our Facebook page is filled with romantic images and declarations of love of friends, it seems to us that whoever does not declare his love to the world probably does not exists. What did social networking to the world?

Social networks, primarily Facebook, make us much more connected. However, new studies indicate that we have never been more isolated. Loneliness makes us less healthy. Today you can live all your life on facebook. You can learn how to attract men, You can learn what to wear for a first date, You can learn how to intercat with people and much more

Social networks were introduced in a time of change, where human loneliness and grew stronger personal ties petered out. The initial isolation in which we are led to an increase in the use of networks, because there was a promise: instant human connection to larger than in the past; Meaningful social relationships and a large amount of potential members.

It is clear to all of us ‘loneliness ‘and ‘being alone ‘are not the same. Sometimes, it may be fun, to be alone. Even married people, sometimes want to be alone. Loneliness may occur, sometimes even in bed where a couple’s life miserable one another. In addition, we know that loneliness is not a matter of external conditions only, but a state of mind.

Before the era of social media and digital technologies, loneliness was much more difficult – there was no escape from it. Today, with the developments and wider connection possibilities, the question arises: Is the Internet makes people lonely, or isolated people are more attracted to the Internet and social networks? Internet communications allows a substitute for intimacy. Typically, social networks are expanding the number of members in reality, but create a kind of illusion that has a lot of friends.

Social networking companies a price. You need to present yourself in an attractive and interesting, convey messages that others will join them, and invest time in publishing your most beautiful pictures, to pretend that we are always happy, witty and smart. Social networking imprisons us in exhausting pretense and form of external energy input is not always compatible with what truly feel.

Digital intimacy problem is that this kind of unreal idyll, where “spouse prospects” are seen often as they always emotionally available, attentive, contain and write the sentences “correct” raise their most attractive pictures etc. This is unfair competition facing the real world. This is mainly because in reality people are not characters “Poster-flat”, but people who express complex feelings in words, gestures, physical and non-verbal communication.

In conclusion would not be correct to say that in the past, before the era of social networking online, it was better. Social networks we discovered that human nature is fed to being a real human social; PC does not resemble such a connection, so it is not necessary to provide this type.. When loneliness is accompanied by suffering is in fact reflects an emotional state that requires examination and introspection wanting to see what is behind the difficult feelings and how to deal with them, improve and correct if possible.

But in the current era we are busy most of the time, and we are not engaged in watching and thinking about who we are and what we feel. Social networks blur the introspection and energy directed at the meetings with the comrades “in the social network to which we belong and allows to forget, for a while, who we really are. Preoccupation with social networks provides an opportunity to break away from complex and painful feelings.