Tips To Ditch That Pimple Overnight


Ugly pimples have a way with the skin, popping up at the most inopportune times. Whether its that ambitious job interview, a party at your BFFs or that romantic date, zits come up sneakily and BAM! You’re ambushed without even a fair trial. You feel like dying, what can you do overnight. Dramatic much?! Good news.The devil’s not unbeatable. A number of tried and tested, natural and synthetic ingredients have shown promising results in banishing that stubborn pimple, just under 12hrs.

Before we go about eradicating, first a little on the pathogenesis or the reason behind the occurrence of a pimple, acne or zit. The skin has a number of sebaceous glands which open onto the surface. Sebum, secreted from these glands helps to keep the skin moist and shiny. Overproduction of sebum leads to clogging of the duct manifesting as blackheads or whiteheads. Bacterial infection of the clogged gland will lead to a red colored eruption with a white plug, commonly known as a pimple or acne. The most common areas of occurrence include the face, neck, upper back and chest.
Methods used to rid those zits overnight kill the bacteria and unclog the sebaceous gland duct (Taken from

1) Ice- Gently rub an ice cube on the pimple and the surrounding skin. Ice acts by the principle of vasoconstriction immediately reducing the blood supply to the pimple thereby reducing inflammation and shrinking it in size. Gone is the large red pustule replaced by a harmless looking smaller one, shouldn’t be too hard to conceal now.

2)Lemon- The Citric acid in lemon acts an astringent killing the bacteria and unclogging the pore. The squeezed juice of a lemon can be applied either alone or in combination with honey for a cleaner clearer complexion. Just apply the juice before sleeping and rinse off in the morning.

3) Tea Tree Oil- Recent studies have found that tea tree oil has antibacterial properties and unlike other oils, when used on a pimple tend to clear it rather than clog it more. A dilution used is always better i.e.1/4th oil and 3//4th water.

4)Toothpaste- Applied overnight toothpastes wonderfully shrink pimples. The exact mechanism of action is not known but it is believed they provide a cooling effect to reduce the inflammatory signs of swelling and redness. Additionally, they are believe to soak up the excess oil and sebum thereby unclogging the pore.

5) Sandalwood Paste or Fuller’s Earth- Both work on similar principles. Cool the zit and soak up excess oil.

7) Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid- These chemicals kill the bacteria, shed old skin cells for new and restore a healthy glow.
Important to remember is to wash your face and hands before using any of these techniques as you don’t want bacteria from your hands to contaminate the pimple even further. Even if they do not rid the zit completely, these tips will definitely reduce the pimple in size. Nothing a small makeup trick can’t cover. So, girl stop fretting. Don’t let that pimple ruin your skin or your day. Well, actually, in this case, your night.

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