What is the truth or dare game ?

truth or dare game

Truth or Dare is a popular game played across all age groups; however it is famous especially among the teenage groups. The game is quite simple yet interesting to pay and the only condition is for the players to be honest and comfortable with each other. This game is usually played when you have friends over at your place for Pyjama party

There are some ground rules which needs to be followed before the game is played.

1. Number of players should be more than 2 if you wish to make the most of the game, you can play with 2 players as well; however a group of 5 would be ideal.

2. The players playing the game should be comfortable with each others presence and those who are not playing should not be in the room were the game is played. It would be good if you can explain the kind of questions that can be asked as part of Truth and the kind of dare that can be given if one selects Dare.

3. The players before the games starts should have to list down all the Questions which they would like to ask the players in case the other player select Truth and similarly they should also list down all the dares that they would like the other players to perform in case they select Dare

4. The group can collectively agree what all questions and dares would be classified off limit so that such questions and dares are not asked

5. To select who get to go first a bottle can be used which would be used for spinning. If you don’t want to use a bottle you can simply select a person who is youngest or oldest in the group.

 How to play

To best way to play Truth or Dare is by having the players sit in a circle formation, take the bottle and place it in the center of the group and spin it. The one who spins (Payer 1) the bottle would be the one who would ask for Truth or Dare and the player on whom the bottle points towards (Player 2) once it has stopped spinning would be the one to answer. Player 1 would ask for Truth or Dare and Payer 2 need to select one option. Any question can be asked if Payer 2 selects Truth and any dare can be given if Player 2 selects Dare. Player 2 would spin the bottle again after performing Truth or Dare and they would ask question to the selected person on whom the bottle points.



A group of 5 players sit in circle formation and start the game

Player 1 spins the bottle and the bottle ends pointing towards Player 2

Player 1 asks “Truth or Dare”

Player 2 selects “Truth”

Player 1 asks the Questions “Who was your first Crush?”

Player 2 answers “Alex”

Or Player 1 asks “Truth or Dare”

Player 2 selects “Dare”

Player 1 asks “Sing your favorite song”

Player 2 sings “summer of 69”

Player 2 now takes the bottle and spins it

Player 2 would now ask question to whomever the bottle points at in such manner the game would continue.